Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon Mania

Last Thursday New Moon came out. We, of course, went to the midnight premiere. I have been to many a midnight movie premiere (and even the midnight HP&DH book release) and I have never had to wait outside. This time however we had to wait outside for a few hours until we were called in by theater number. This was weird since it was cold and usually they let you sit inside, right outside the theater. However, we had blankets, scarves and gloves, as well as magazines, ipods, books, a flip and the ABCs to New Moon to keep us entertained. These experiences are always fun because you know everyone there is just as excited about the same thing you are. It's kind of like an Alabama football game but on a more intimate level. One of my favorite moments from one of these premieres was last year at Twilight. It was all people who had read the books because it was the first movie of the series. As the previews started we all got excited then quiet as the new preview for the upcoming Harry Potter movie came on. After that a preview for the movie Coraline came on. You could immediately hear people whispering about how stupid and weird this cartoon was. But wait a minute....we're waiting at midnight to see a movie about vampires, and just got excited about a preview for a wizard movie.
Anyways, the movie was so much better than Twilight. The acting was a huge improvement and I think that has to do with better direction. I loved how they made the months pass, it was so clever. The wolf transformations were done well and "the CGI wolves looked realer than real Twilight they were like little 'wolf wolf' doggy wolves but in NM they were like 'GRRR' big wolves!!!" ;)
I am very excited Eclipse and Breaking Dawn because the Cullens are in it the whole time, which is one big reason I hate New Moon. Anyways, here are some pictures of us waiting and a video of the ABCs of NM.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Magic of Disney pt. 2

Magic of Disney pt. 1

100 Monkeys and a Panda Bear

Sterfry was such a cute little panda bear for Halloween:

We were the 100 Monkeys for Halloween while we passed out candy to the mad throb of people who come to our neighborhood on's insane.

Me as Jackson Rathbone: