Sunday, July 26, 2009

My best friend is getting married!!!!!! (officially)

I just wanted to take a post to say congrats to Ryan and Gracie!! On Friday Ryan purposed to Gracie when he got home from 11 weeks in Virgina. It was presh and I am so excited for my kindra!! It has been such a blessing to know Grace and to count her among my closest friends. She truly is my kindred spirit (Kindra) and a sister. It has been such a privilege to watch this relationship bloom and watch the two of them fall in love. CONGRATULATIONS GRACIE AND RYAN!!!! (You're officially soon going to be EGG!!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dwell in the land, Culitvate faithfulness.

Just a thought before I have to join in the massive cleaning out of the double garage.

Obviously I am a fan of the Harry Potter series. There are several great scenes throughout the series, but one of my favorites is in The Sorcerer's Stone, when Harry finds the Mirror of Erised. For those who aren't Potter Buffs the Mirror of Erised (Erised is Desire backwards)shows the "deepest and most desperate desire of our hearts". Harry saw his dead parents and extended family standing with him. As a boy who was overshadowed by his four older brothers, Ron saw himself as Quidditch Captain and Head Boy, holding the Quidditch Cup. Dumbledore claims to have seen himself holding a pair of socks, but he we now know in reality he probably saw his sister, mother and father alive and well, as well as his brother reconciled to him. In one scene after this mirror is discovered by Harry, little Harry is found by Dumbledore, sitting in front of the mirror just starring at it. Dumbledore tells Harry about the mirror, and then gives him a warning. He says, "It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live." I think these are very wise words from Dumbly.
The other day I found out I get to go to Honduras in December. I am INCREDIBLY excited about this opportunity. There is also talk of a 4pack trip next summer, maybe Europe or at least around the US. I think that often times we have these big events or trips or whatever it may be in our lives and we focus so much on them that we forget to live right now. One passage that the Lord brings me to over and over it seems like is Psalm 37. "Trust in the Lord and do good. Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light and your judgment as the noonday. Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him;"
This passage is filled with beautiful promises, but the part that He seems to keep bringing me to is: Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Do not dwell in dreams or in what is to come and forget to live now. Sure we can plan ahead and be excited about what the future holds but there is always something to look ahead to. Heed Dumbly's warning and obey the commands of Psalm 37 and be all where He has sovereignly placed you. What is our reward? We begin to cultivate faithfulness and we dont miss what He has for us now.

Off to clean out the garage. Peace

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On Wednesday last week one of my favorite people, Melinda Sears, came home from a year in France with Campus Crusade for Christ. We, the 4Pack, got to go with her family to the airport to pick her up. It was so good to see her face in person versus via Skype. We hung out Thursday and went to see Harry Potter for the second time with her. Someone, ok it was me, left the lights on during the movie and when we got out to Tori's car it was dead. It wouldnt have been that big of a deal except there was a car on each side and a drop off in front. We had to call All State Roadside Assistance. Praise the Lord Joy Beth is in good hands. I am so excited she is back!! She is actually staying at my apartment some this week and next while I am in the caug.
I am actually in the caug for a few weeks....why am I in the caug? Well, I worked at a Day Care that is in my church, but a part of Open Door Christian School (which is now North River Christian Academy). Working in a day care has been fun and has taught me a lot about kids. I think this experience will be very beneficial for me one day. However, working with kids 8 hours a day can begin to wear on one. For the past few weeks I have been considering getting a new job...say one at a library...oh the quietness! My mom didnt want me to quit though without the security of another job, which is totally understandable. Anyways long story short all the part-time people got laid off....or are going to be laid off soon...or most are, I dont know how its going to work. My boss offered me a position in the afternoons but it just wasnt enough hours, and with me already considering leaving I decided to go ahead and not take it. I'll miss the kids. I love them all, but I am SO excited about getting a new job.
Until then, or until school starts I'm going to be hanging out with the 4pack and my mom in the caug. We are all so excited because it was so sad Sunday when I had to go back to Tuscaloosa to work for a few days. In fact I left from bham after the Platt brought the word Sunday morning. Sunday night I was hanging out at a friend's house and got a call. The 4pack surprised me and decided to come a day early. It seems we dont last a few hours apart....wonder what will happen when school starts. Anyways we have a lot of stuff planned for the next few weeks and I'm very glad for this opportunity to be home and do things with them before school starts back in the fall.
Last night after Harry Potter we got the keys from my aunt and uncle (who is the pastor of the church my daycare is in) so we could get all my movies. We made a video that will be coming soon. Look for it. Also we have a New Moon Monday that got put off until today. It should be up later tonight as well.
Tonight we, or I, (the 4pack contributed thoughts through me) had a small debate of sorts on some theological thoughts with a friend....maybe I'll put some thoughts up here later. But for now....


Friday, July 17, 2009

Dobby will Shank you, sir!! (Half-Blood Prince spoiler alert)_

Tuesday I left straight from work with my car packed for a week away. I was so excited about the upcoming week. Finally after all the wait...after two days dragging by, I was finally free from work. I left Open Door with a renewed excitement. I decided to cut up Hargrove, for old times sake. I pulled up to the red light up at the corner of Loop Road and Hargrove and had decided to call and tell my mom I was leaving. Before I could there was suddenly a loud noise and my car jerked forward into the car in front of me. It was purely the Grace of God that none of the cars were scratched. We waited a good 30-45 minutes for the police to come. Finally I was on my way once again. I had originally planned to go all the way to Sylacauga then ride back up with the 4Pack and fam. However, because I was now almost an hour late I decided to meet up with my dad in Bham so that I could make our tshirts. We went on base and after a failed attempt finally printed out what I wanted on our shirts. It ended up not working so finally I settled on paint pens. I met the 4Pack, Jamis, mom, Riley, Cary and some other people from Sylacauga. At 8 we were the first ones in line for our theater. One guy somehow got stuck in between two groups of us.....poor man. Although, I will say when my mom and JB are involved, people dont just endure us without benefit. We helped him save seats for his family. JB threatened to shank anyone who tried to get it....good thing she didnt have to.
Before the movie was a lot of fun hanging out. They did show the New Moon trailer which is better on the big screen....especially the part when Jasper is running at Bella. A lot of people appreciated our shirts, especially a group of boys two rows back. They apparently are fans of Dobby. So during the New Moon preview (the first time) they were being loud still and Meghan turned around and said, in her Dobby voice, "Dobby will shank you, sirs!" and they laughed but were quiet. They showed the New Moon trailer once more during the real previews and there was silence.
Before the movie they showed all of the HBP trailers along with the New Moon one. It was kind of cool.
Thoughts on the movie after the first time of viewing:
1. The beginning was lame...that is with Harry and the waitress. I could have done without that.
2. Death Eaters do not fly.
3. I wish there had been more Dumbly and Harry...maybe a little more is Harry even supposed to know what he's looking for. They didnt mention anything about how Voldy would have chosen things that were significant and things that related to each of the four founders of Hogwarts. They also dont know how to destroy a horcrux.
4. I wish there had been more Harry and Ginny...even though I wish they had not done the burrow "fight" thing and just done one at Hogwarts at the end, I did like how Ginny ran after Harry. I also liked when he stood at the table during the Slug Club dinner. All the little things I really like except the shoe and the cake thing...that was just awkward. I didnt really get the impression that they had dated at all during this movie.
5. The Hermione/Ron thing was well done I thought.
6. "High Harry" was HILARIOUS....he actually wasnt high for those who havent seen or read it. My favorite "high harry" line....those plants give me the creeps....em.
7. In love Ron...also hilarious

It was really funny when Dumbly and Harry were in the cave and Harry was going for the we were at the midnight premiere there were maybe 3 people who hadnt read the books in the whole theater. Everyone knew what was coming and as he bent done you could literally hear and feel everyone prepare themselves for the hand. However, everyone screamed.

I will admit that both times I saw it I cried/teared up twice, and in the same places. The first time was after the Quidditch match when Hermione is upset and talking to Harry. She asked what it felt like when he saw Ginny and Dean together, and after she attacks Ron with the birds he says, "Like this." That was presh.
The second time was after Dumbly died and they are standing around and McGonagall sends up the light and all the teachers and students follow. It was very respectful and powerful. Even in the midst of their great and beloved leader's death, they would not loose hope and they would not let his death be dishonored by the Dark Mark overhead. It was so good.

And finally props to Tom Felton, who plays Malfoy, did an amazing job being serious through the whole movie, especially the light-hearted parts.

Before the movie started when we were chilling in the theater with all the other hardcore fans, two guys came out with wands and got everyone's attention down in front. We rolled our eyes as they started explaining they were going to dual. Turns out, it was pretty entertaining...they had it rehearsed and they were doing flips and the like. We tried to follow them and "flip it" but we couldnt find them. Oh well.
Well, I'm out...gotta get ready for the making of a couple of new 4pack ideas! Hooray!



Spicing up life for Mom at the Mag....last time JB was home we dressed up like people in our family...this time Twilight characters....with just stuff in our fams wardrobe. From left to right JB as Jacob, me as Bella, Megs as Edward, and Tori as we are in character.....

and out of character....

The back of our Potter premiere shirts....a 4 for "4pack" my mom had an "a" for Alpha
Those are actually drumsticks, not wands...they are very entertaining and we take them pretty much all over the place...only once was one used as a wand...a little boy came and asked Meghan to dual, she couldnt think of anything to do so she just told him to kill her....


Monday, July 13, 2009

New Moon Mondays

I hope by next week this will be part of our vlog. But until we can get that up and put our videos it is....
Every Monday I will be taking something, out of the news, a random actor, or by suggestion and connecting it to New Moon. In light of the fact that Michael Jackson is still everywhere I decided to connect him first to New Moon. I put it in a little video with some music because pictures make it more fun and you can only put a few per post. Here it is....

Tomorrow is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!
peace, hillary

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The past few days have been a whirlwind. I am in Atlanta right now, and yes, I will admit....I'm at TwiCon. For those who dont know TwiCon is short for Twilight Convention. It's much like the ComicCon kind of thing. Why in the world am I here??? Meghan's birthday was July 2 and they got tickets for the weekend for her birthday. I wasnt going to be able to come, but then we discovered you can get day passes so I came up late on Friday. I got a day pass yesterday and went to the Q and A for Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene (Emmett and Alice in Twilight). I'm not going to lie it was kind of cool. It was also neat how much like their character they are. But I would like to clarify for all those people out there who are worried by the mere thought that I attended a TwiCon or who think I am wasting time. I am here because it's for Meghan's birthday and so the 4Pack (Meghan, Tori, Joy Beth, and I) would be complete. The fellowship has been so good, and it is rare that we are all together. The twilight stuff is cool sure, but one day is enough. I think Tori and Meghan kind of feel that way too.
JB LOVES Kellan and so got her picture made during the photo ops thing....we all opted out of paying 40 dollars for a picture of someone...he is in fact just a human. But we did sneak some video footage of JB actually getting her picture made. For the fans of Kellan out there, we also got a little dancing action in, which is kind of funny.
Things I discovered at TwiCon:
1. The Hillywood Show:
I had heard about The Hillywood Show before TwiCon, but had never seen it. I am a HUGE fan now. The show was created by two sisters, Hillary (Hilly) and Hannah Hindi. It was originally just Hilly and thats why its The Hillywood Show. They are on youtube and now have a website They do parodies of movies and their Twilight parody was their big break. It is so good. These girls write, star in, choreograph, edit, and produce their own stuff. Their grandmother even makes all of their costumes. When they started making the Twilight Parody they had actually never read the books. They are INCREDIBLY talented...and INCREDIBLY nice and open about who they are and what they do. Literally after watching the Twilight parody and then The Dark Knight parody I am in awe at the mad skills of these two girls. They aren't sponsored by anyone and both of the girls work as dance instructors. All the money they make goes into the films. Hannah is the oldest and is 23 and Hilly is 19. They are touring with TwiCon and hosting the events. You guys should really check them out.
2. TwiMoms:
I am very disturbed by the "Twilight Moms" who are here. We sit in front of them. These women straight up shocked me. Meghan, Tori and JB warned me about them but I guess I just thought they were exaggerating....they were not. These women, who had drinks in their hand before even noon, were completely inappropriate, most of the time, in language and in dress. It was pretty sad. During Ashley Green's Q and A someone commended her for being a good role model for girls and for not getting caught up in questionable scenes like most "20 somethings" stars. The moms behind us applauded loudly in aggreeance. I was also shocked at this. the role model you want your children to have. Dont pass that off on some celebrity. If you dont want your child "partying" or "hanging out with the wrong people" dont be blind and dont let them. I am so thankful that my mom was not only a great role model but she was also not the blind kind and we knew that. I'm all about Moms reading Twilight. My mom has. I am 100% for moms being involved in what their children read. I remember my mom reading Harry Potter at the same time as Jameson, and I'm all for that. I am also all about moms bringing their kids to these things. Meeting actors/actresses is a big deal to kids. The kids here are also just eating up being in TwiWorld for a few days and that's great. However, moms if you do this…stay clean and stay appropriate. Because of this and other things, we saw the 4Pack is going to try and get a video of "Things that are appropriate and things that are inappropriate at TwiCon." Look for it as well as other videos by the 4Pack at thepa4ck on youtube. (We havent made it yet so it wont be up for a while....there wont be anything up until that video goes up...then it should be fairly regular)
3. Character Development: (a happy random finding)
I have gotten back into writing and recently come up with a great way for character development. I am very excited about this as it was something I really struggled with. I can’t wait to get back and get started on some projects. Sidenote: JB and I both like to write and we discussed our latest stories with each other at dinner last night. So fun!

This weekend has in fact been very fun hanging out with the 4Pack. I am very excited about the upcoming week as well. I only have to work Monday and Tuesday. Then starts a week of very fun events… Tuesday night I meet the 4Pack, my mom, Jamis, and several friends for the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The 4Pack will be bringing that to you as well. Interviews, Costume Contests, even the telling of JB's first date that happened to be at the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban midnight premiere. That is an excellent and slightly painful story. I hope to get it up next week and once I do, I encourage everyone to watch it. She is a great story teller and the fact that this was in fact her first'll just have to watch it. On Wednesday, we, the 4Pack are hoping to have a photo shoot for our Vlog, our opening video and our website, which is coming soon. Then MELINDA SEARS gets back from her year in France with Campus Crusade!!!!! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am about that!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER!! She hasn’t seen Twilight and so we'll all watch it again, which will probably be a little weird after seeing the actors in it. We are also going to watch HBP with her again. I am so excited about this next week!!

Pics are up on facebook, they'll be up here soon hopefully.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little something annoying....

Things have been a little crazy the past few days. Meghan, Tori, JB and I are working on a little project. I will try to keep posting over the next week, but I am going to be busy building websites, youtube accounts, making vlog videos etc.
So I was going through packages of construction paper the other day at work. I noticed something, in all of the packages of paper, the orange and the blue paper were beside each other. Why in the world would anyone want to put those two colors together is beyond me. All I have to say is I separated them in all the packages of paper....Roll Tide! I would post more, but I am at home currently with Mom, Bethany, Meghan, Tori, and Taylor watching Knowing and its kinda suspenseful.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy Days

I work at a daycare. I dont know if you have ever had to keep more than say 5 kids at a time...that are the same age, and not yours. If you're alone, it isnt any fun. That was my life this week. After a week off from the beach, I returned to a week with a class alone. The other woman I work with was on vacation this week. It amazes me that just one child can make such a difference in the day being a generally good one, or a bad. Wednesday went pretty nicely. We even made American flags for a craft. I had rallied a little help by Wednesday and convinced my boss to let someone come in, but he had to leave by three to go up the hill to the 3/4s class. That wasnt a big deal until people started leaving at 3. At 3 I inherited the four 1s, and by 4:00 I had my six kids, the four ones and the 2 babies. Ten kids is not always a big deal but when 2 are in diapers, four are potty training, and six you still have to stay on to go to the potty, it gets a bit overwhelming. We made it through the day though. After working in a daycare for a year these are 25 general things Meghan, and the two women we work with have observed.

1. What’s acceptable when dressing your child in a Onesie
a. potty training and does not attend a daycare…acceptable
b. potty training and does attend a daycare…not acceptable
c. pre potty training, goes to a daycare and wears a onsie…acceptable.
d. pre potty training, goes to a daycare and wears two or more onesies…not acceptable
e. pre potty training, does not attend daycare and wears two or more onesies…perfectly acceptable
*also the onsie/overall combination is not exactly appreciated but is often cute and is in fact acceptable

2. When you drop your child off, if he/she is crying they will be fine within a few minutes, if they aren’t crying do not stay until they do.

3. “Shirley style” is the only form of effective discipline

4. Kids never want the food you give them, they always prefer your food or the food on the floor to their own

5. All kids understand “No” don’t be fooled

6. If a child can tell you he has pottied in his/her diaper it’s time to start potty training, if your child can walk up to you and tell you that they have peed or pooped in their diaper, it is past time to start potty training

7. Dora the Explorer and the Backyardigans gang become your best friends

8. Too much “Elmo’s world” is enough to drive anyone crazy

9. Sesame street has step dancing- which is a big hit

10. The teacher/child ratio was established for a reason and should always be met…..sometimes its still not enough

11. Whiners are wieners

12. It becomes easy to tell the leaders from the followers

13. You cant just let things slide, ever

14. Nap time is a gift from God

15. Bad company really does corrupt good morals

16. Some kids really do just like to disobey

17. Books are destroyed fast

18. Crayons must taste good

19. Cupcakes with loads of icing and one/two years olds….really?

20. Sometimes Mountain Dew has an opposite effect from an already crazy child

21. Your child’s initials should be on everything you care about being returned to you.

22. Kids feed off of each other

23. Boxes and buckets are more fun than toys

24. Parents who give the worker the benefit of the doubt are appreciated

25. Kids are hilarious and awesome
The last book I finished was Hunchback of Notre Dame. It took a while to get into but once I did I began to fall in love with the book. Notre Dame is now among my top 5 places to see one day....possibly my top 3.
This is the quote that got me hooked. I plan on doing that one day. Perhaps my "elevated point" will be Sacre Coeur.

And if you would receive from the ancient city an impression that the modern cannot provide, go up (on the morning of some high holiday, at sunrise on Easter or Pentecost) to some elevated point from which you may overlook the whole capital, and listen to the awakening of the bells. Behold at a sign from heaven, because it comes from the Sun itself, those thousand churches trembling all at once. At first a faint tinkling passes from church to church, as when musicians give notice that they are going to begin. Then see, for at certain times the ear too seems to be endowed with sight- see how, all of a sudden, at the same moment, there rises from each steeple as it were a column of sound, a cloud of harmony. At first the vibration of each bell rises straight, pure and in a manner separate from that of the others, into the splendid morning sky; then, swelling by degrees, they blend, melt, intermingle, and amalgamate into a magnificent concert.

I was actually pretty disappointed it was over. And for the record....there can not be a Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. Read the's better.