Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today is Jameson's birthday. I cannot believe that he is 16! Next thing we know he is going to be getting married! I am so proud of Jamis. He loves the Lord and loves people. He is truly turning into a godly young man. For those of you who dont know Jameson, you really are missing out. He by far one of the funniest and coolest people I have ever met. I am so grateful that he is my brother and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for his life. Happy Birthday Jameson!

16 years ago today!

Siblings 16 years ago

little Jamis


Siblings 11 years ago

I couldn't help but put this picture....Jamie and Jamis at Mackenzie's wedding

Jamis and me on Easter 08

Jamis and me in Honduras 08 (I was sick of course...not high)

Siblings almost 1 year ago

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LOST Valentines

So I realize Valentine's Day is over, but today is LOST day so I thought I'd share these LOST Valentines made by ABC. I thought they were pretty funny.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Bittersweet Call to Wait

Valentine's Day and singleness. Ah, where do I begin? This day for so many people is filled with bitterness. I'll be the first to admit it's not one of my favorites, especially during this time in my life. For most Christians, especially girls, the call to wait on the sovereignty of the Lord in falling in love is a tough call to follow. If I've heard one sermon on singleness/dating, I've heard a thousand. I've grown up hearing how we, as Believers, are called to 'kiss dating goodbye' and 'let God write our love stories.' I have seen story after story unfold that beautifully glorified it's Author. Growing up under the teachings of my mom, Aunt Teresa and Kelly Akers, and in a youth group with leaders like KJ, Katie, Bethany, Alex and many others, dating wasn't even really an issue for me. Waiting was the 'cool' thing. I was taught at a young age to pray for and love my husband. I am so thankful for this time in my life as the Lord use these means of grace to protect me from so many things. As I've gotten older, and this future is not so distant, being patient and content has become harder. Waiting is hard, but it is worse when you wait with the wrong focus. If you are waiting with your hope in the end result, your time of waiting will be miserable and the result will be disappointing. But if you are waiting with your hope set in the Christ not only will you not be disappointed with whatever He has sovereignly ordained for you, but your time of waiting will be sweet as you learn to depend of the Lord for your needs and satisfaction. This time goes from being miserable and wasteful to a time of bittersweetness, as though we long for a family, we find the sweetness in trusting and resting in the Lord.
Believer, and single friends, dont waste this time being miserable. Instead use this time to magnify the all-satisfying worth of Christ and display this worth to the nations! He is better than anything this world has to offer!
Over the past few weeks, I have kept my eyes open for any Twilight Valentines. What's more romantic than Edward Cullen? ;) Much to my disappointment, they do not exist! I saw Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Toy Story, Tinkerbell, etc but no Twilight Valentines anywhere. Today though I was thinking about it and it's probably a good thing. After all, just what would a Valentine from Edward Cullen say?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. The medicine I'm on makes me really tired so usually I'm sleeping or sleeping when I have a lot of spare time. Today was full of lots of fun as it was a snow day and these are rare here. My dad, Tori and I went to Rainbow City this morning to see the Vaughns and bring back Sterling. We had fun with Sterling in the snow and Alex and I got a little snow fight in....in other words he hit me a lot and I got a few hits in. Tonight we had fun playing with firecrackers and blowing up snowballs. I am so thankful that I felt good today and got to enjoy this time with some of my favorite people! Here are some pictures:

ps. depending on the roads tomorrow I'll have my first scope tomorrow....hopefully we'll find something out.