Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last summer Rachelle Leferve was unjustly fired...well, let go...and we weren't happy about it. For those who dont know, Rachelle had the role of Victoria in Twilight and New Moon and let's just say she was one of the best actors in the movies. Summit's official line was that it was a scheduling conflict, which is not true. ANYWAYS, heres what we did the next day...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey! Got any Grapes?!

I was on the to bed and Meghan introduced me to The Duck Song. It's HILARIOUS! Instead of talking about it here's a link to the videos for The Duck Songs 1, 2 and 3

HEY! Got any grapes?!

Till the very next day...

By the way....

Watch them and laugh.

interesting encounter

The other day my friend, Kim, and I went to see Robin Hood. We made a quick detour to pick up drinks and M&Ms-even if they weren't overpriced they dont have them at The Cobb anymore and you've gotta have a little chocolate in your popcorn. So while we're there I see that this gas station is one of those rare gems of a station. Not only do they carry Starburst Gummie Bursts but they're in a box- with more! Delighted I got a box to introduce Kim to this wonderful candy. As we're checking out and talking to the cashier I'm telling them how good this candy is. The man to the side of us, and next in line interrupts. He says, "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" I looked at him confused, "Sure." "How old are you?" I hesitate a couple of seconds as I ponder the reasons for asking me this. Does he think I'm being stupid because I'm this excited about a candy? It's an awesome candy! It'll change your life Mr.! "I'm 22." I answer calmly after a couple of seconds. "Oh, ok. I was just wondering cause my daughter started graying when she was 16." I looked at him slightly confused again. "Um. cool."
My mom started "graying"  when she was around 15. My "graying" doesnt bother me it just caught me off guard. Anyways, it's late/early and I've got a lot of stuff to go tomorrow. Check you guys later.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kameron's Getting Married!

I can't believe Kam is getting married this weekend! In honor of this blessed occasion I decided to have a quick walk through the past... 

Christmas of 1990

Christmas of 1991

4th grade graduation 

High School graduation-graduation Sunday

Kam and I graduation night...both of us have KJ's cords on

Washington DC- Senior Trip

'88s Christmas 06...aka Bethany's Wedding

At Lake Santa Fe....this was a VERY interesting trip.

I am so excited about this weekend and so glad that his bride is Olivia. I would not approve of anyone but Olivia! Congratulations guys! I love you!

Monday, May 17, 2010


I finished my last class in Tuscaloosa this past Wednesday. It was so good to leave those halls for the last time. After such a stressful week of studying I spent my afternoon painting at All Fired Up. Meghan's birthday present had broken in the kiln so I put off going to redo it until after my finals. The reason for this was two fold. First, I didn't have time due to studying and second, painting always destresses me. So after a fun afternoon of painting and a going to Cwood to hear David for my last Wednesday in Tuscaloosa, I headed home looking forward to some earned, imo, relaxation.

The relaxation was short lived. By Thursday I had caught up on 24 and LOST. OH MY WORD! What a confusing week on LOST and what a crazy week on 24. I was very disturbed by Jack's character change and thinks that last week's 24 proves how far the writers have strayed from Jack's character. The Jack from the first 6, maybe 7, seasons would never take out people for revenge. What happened to Jack's honor? If this wasn't the last season of 24 I would have to say this would be my last season.

LOST was as confusing as ever and left us with more questions than most fans, including myself, think acceptable this late in the game. We have waited and waited and waited for them to start answering some of the questions that have become the greatest mysteries known this generation. What's the deal with the alternate reality? Where did the temple come from? What is Widmore's endgame? Where are Richard, Ben and Miles? Anyways, there are way to many questions for them to continue raising more this late in the game, even if they did finally answer a few about Jacob and Esau/MIB.

ANYWAYS, Friday I got sick with head stuff and though Saturday was nice and relaxing at the Kimber's house, I began to loose my voice. The Kimbers were so kind to have us over. Michelle swam and laid out with us all day (Bill and Cary were there on and off) and then Bill grilled for us. It was delicious! Thanks Kimbers! Also on Friday Melinda came and that's always full of fun!

Sunday morning I woke up early so I could make it back to Open Door. It was my last Sunday and was sad that it was my last Sunday to worship among them. I will miss OD- and you others in ttown- very much and am so thankful the Lord sovereignly brought us into acquaintance. By Sunday I had almost completely lost my voice, had a horrible cough and was pretty sure I should at least check out the doctor before heading home.
So Kim and I went to see Robin Hood after church then went home and watched her BBC tv show, Robin Hood- which is great and I spent the night over there so I didnt get Ella and James sick on wedding week.
Today I went to the Doctor to find out I did not have strep or the flu and got 4 more prescriptions....great.

Today also begins wedding week for Kam and Olivia and packing week for me. Tomorrow I have to finish the rehearsal video and begin going through "my room" which has become the "hey we'll take this to Nashville" room and boxing things up. Wedding day, after the wedding, Joy Beth will be here and Sunday afternoon I'll head back to Ttown to finish getting my stuff and for the Premiere parties with KJ and Lynn.

Next week should be pretty fun with JB here and on Thursday....WE MOVE TO NASHVILLE BABY!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day from the 4Pack

I'm reposting this since I'm too busy studying to write a new blog until Wednesday....This was from the 4Pack to our mothers. It's on our blog. So Mother's Day is extended on here one more day for you mom (even though you already read it)...

The 4pack just wanted to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to our mothers. 

Thank you for putting up with us! We would also like to thank you for funding our wild shannagins over the past two years. Thanks for allowing us to make memories and to go see one another. We wouldn't be the 4pack without any of you!

Thank you for:

Having us and putting up with us long enough to get here:

Thanks for letting JB staff Crestridge and for letting Tori staff Crestridge...and for letting Meghan move to Bama!

Thanks for letting us live together, because even though God had other plans and it was a short time- He used this to bind our hearts thanks for 106:

and thanks for Al and Allie Elephant/Tootsie Roll and Todie Tide ;)

Thanks for this trip:

and this trip:

and this trip:

and this trip:

Thanks for all our road trips to see each other and other related stuff:

Thanks for housing us on these trips:

Also, thank you for feeding us on these trips- 

Thank you for letting us meet:

and him:

and him:

and them:

and her:

and letting us have the opportunity to give them this:

Thanks for letting us play Poker and Quelf until wee hours when we're together:
even though the laughter probably means a little less sleep for you.

Thanks for this premiere:

and this premiere:

and this premiere:
and all the other premieres...and the ones to come

and for letting us play with drumsticks around yall:

Thank you for being legit and not being this:

Thank you for putting up with us when we're a little crazy:

or a lot crazy:

especially then...because you dont just get 2 times the crazy...

you get 4 times the crazy...

and while you get 4times the crazy with the 4pack you also get 4times the love!


4> the 4Pack

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm interrupting my massive 6-day study session to bring you this Mother's Day message:

I am in the midst of a major study week for ONE, that's right just ONE final. The rest are either a little project or simple test....I just have one massive one on Wednesday. However I wanted to take a break from studying to write a little post about my mom....cause well let's face it, she's the best.

Mom is a native Texan. She was born and raised in Texas and is proud of it. We get that from her. However, she loves Alabama too. Mom was a stay at home mom throughout our childhood. This is something that we not only loved then, we appreciate now. It's not that we could just afford for her to stay at home- she just did. She gave up some luxuries so that she could be at home with us. When we were in high school, and running around with busy schedules, she started working at a "local upscale gift shop" here in town. 

Mom was never one we feared going to for advice. In fact, our closest friends often go to her for advice and wisdom. This is because she doesn't beat around the bush or avoid topics. She isn't the type to avoid a topic like sex. Therefore, we didn't just have a mom telling us: don't do that, do this. Mom told us why purity is important and that sex has it's place. She was also never a mom who ignored the things we did. She was very much a part of our lives, and was never scared to be the disciplinarian instead of the friend. My siblings and I, though we were not always grateful then, are incredibly grateful for this now. 

The Vickster has become more of a friend to us as we've become "adults." I mean, she's legit awesome. How many mom's do you know of that can go to a midnight premiere of Harry Potter and/or Twilight and be totally cool and not embarrassing? Let me tell you not many. Usually mom's who go to premiere events- or events like this- are either totally oblivious and there for the child (and bravo to you too) or either totally inappropriate and or drunk (twimoms). There is a reason she's the alpha of the 4pack after all.


I made these for her...there's a previous post about them. She got them last weekend in Nashville.

Alpha "a" cause she's the alpha of the 4pack because Meghan, Tori, JB and I love her
A tile I painted her...a little thanks for giving us Nashville.

The silhouette is the skyline of Nashville in instruments...the four pics represent our 4 favorite places.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!! Thanks for being awesome!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I was looking through my external hard drive and found a video of Tori and Joy Beth. This is on their first road trip of the summer. I am sad that I missed it but glad they filmed some fun stuff. This is just one of several hilarious videos they came back with.
I love these guys and I miss Joy Beth VERY much! (another plus about Nashville: it's closer to JB than ttown is!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Being Home...weird

We got to come home today. So many things feel weird and out of place since being back.

It's weird seeing life go on, and talking to people who know little or nothing about what happened the past two days in Nashville. I understand it; it's just weird. I cannot express how much I hate that I had to leave and that I can't be up there doing something. 

It's weird how connected you feel to people when you go through something like this. There's that feeling of "if you weren't there you have no idea." (which really you dont- cause you weren't there so that's kinda a 'duh' one ;) ) There's also the "I survived the flood of 2010" bond you have with anyone you meet up there. 

It's weird how people all of a sudden stop caring about stupid stuff and care about each other. The only thing you see and hear about are people risking their lives to help others, and people wanting to do more. I heard about a man who broke into his neighbor's house, while it was flooding, in order to store all his clothes, instruments, and anything that he could upstairs because his neighbor, a musician, was out of town. There was also a school that is taking a few days- at least- to volunteer because "why have school when our classmates' lives have just been ruined." Also you have the ones who made it out ok but just want to help. One of my friends who lives up there said he couldn't wait to leave work today and go volunteer.

It's weird that I suddenly feel bad for taking a long shower or not drinking my entire Mountain Dew or bottled water. 

Finally, it's weird how little coverage I've heard of down here. Most people know hardly anything, if anything at all, about how bad it is. So in order to give you a glimpse....