Friday, April 30, 2010

All Fired Up!

Over the past few weeks I have been working on some projects at All Fired Up. For those of you who don't know, All Fired Up is contemporary ceramic shop where you paint pottery. I have found it very relaxing and therapeutic. The staff are so pleasant and nice and let me just say, they have great taste in music! It all started over Christmas when I made the 4Pack coffee mugs that said 4pack. That was my first visit and I didn't realize you could print things off and trace them on. They turned out ok even though I free handed them- though next time I will be using our font! After I had my Hiatus Scan on my birthday my mom, Tori, Meghan and I went back to celebrate my birthday with some family friends who were visiting from Texas- the Burns. This time I was wiser and printed out what I wanted to put on my project. As my birthday is in January and I was still hyped up on the National Championship (by the way, I still am) I made an Alabama National Championship Plate. I LOVE how it turned out. It's so cute, I'll try to post a pic when I get back to ttown. Anyways, about three weeks ago I went in to make a mug for our IADT admissions rep/advisor, Bertha. We LOVE Bertha and she loves us. She is so presh. Before my mom left Magnolias she had some credit so with it we made a little "Bag of Bertha." So this mug was for the bag. On the front I did the IADT logo and on the back it said "World's Best Rep." Tori liked it so much I made one for the rest of us, as well as my Mother's Day presents. 
Here are the results of the past few weeks...


This was mom's Mother's Day present part one. She got it early. It's the Nashville skyline made out of instruments. Then across the top the pics represent our favorite places...the Centennial Park- the Parth is there, the Pancake Pantry, IADT and Loveless. It's a thank you for letting us move. It hangs up.She liked it :) 


This is Tori's IADT travel mug. One side has this- for fashion design and the other side has the IADT logo. It's all raised. Her quote around the bottom says, "Don't design clothes,  design magic." It's a combination of quotes by Ralph Lauren and Jackson Rathbone. Ralph Lauren said "Don't design clothes, design dreams." However, J.Action Rathbone (who plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga) said Tori's ties that she made and gave him and his band members "were made of magic" when she gave them to him. Therefore, "Don't design dreams, design magic." 

That's the IADT logo by the way...little extra time for perfection.


This is my mug. The quote says, "Let's make someone's favorite movie." It's a quote from a tv show. It's a camera because I'm a Film major...technically, Digital Media and Animation.


Meghan's was a music mug because she loves music and isnt going to IADT.

"The Music Lives On" is the slogan of the Spencer Bell Legacy Project. The quote around the bottom is a SB quote that says, "Don't lose hope, and never, ever give in." 

The Spencer Bell Legacy symbol- it's a tie-dyed music note because he died of Adrenal Cancer, which is a rare cancer (the tie-dyed ribbons are for rare cancers). At the last Legacy Concert, Dr. Hammer, who heads up the research for rare cancers at The Univ. of Michigan, announced that they haven't had money to have any advancements in the treatment since the 1950s. The last one to be approved was a pestiside. But thanks to the Spencer Bell Legacy Project and those like 100 Monkeys and Tin Tin Can who have Legacy concerts, they've had money to make advancements in the treatment.

Mom's again:
This is my mom's mug. The "a" that is the alpha letter. We call her the alpha because of the alpha of the wolf pack (as seen in New Moon). What the alpha says's orders cannot be disobeyed. You know the 4pack obeys the alpha.

Initials on the other side. These are her favorite colors by the way.


Ellen Denerges':

This mug is one we're sending to Ellen D to try and get her to have 100 Monkeys on her show...hence the monkey with the 'J.Rathbone like' hat and the banana handle. 

The quote on the handle is by Spencer Bell. Spencer was a friend of the guys in 100 Monkeys. He died when he was 20 from Adrenal Cancer. 100 Monkeys now have legacy concerts, along with some other artists, to raise money for research for rare cancers.

quote from the song that 100 Monkeys made up about Ellen at Tori, Lindsey and Meghan's request during the improv session of the Spencer Bell Legacy Concert.

This is the bananager. I put him on the inside for fun. The bananager is their friend, and one of their managers, Marty. Marty where's a huge banana outfit sometimes.


Bertha's "Happy Bertha Day" tile for the bag of Bertha.

Speaking of Bertha, we're in Nashville! YAY! Breathe in the awesomeness!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pooh Stick Adventures

Today I went with a few of my friends to the Riverwalk here in Tuscaloosa. I haven't seen these girls in a while and it was so good to hang out with them. However, we hit a little bump in the evening when we decided to play Pooh Sticks on one of the bridges. It was my idea and I was so excited as I gathered up sticks for all of us. We counted to 3 and dropped our sticks off a bridge. This bridge went over a creek that branched off the river and into a sewage pipe that ran under the road on the other side. Well we dropped our sticks and ran to the other side. While waiting for our sticks all of a sudden we see something fall to the water. Kim, our driver, dropped her keys on accident! Luckily it was in the creek and not in the river! However, this fairly deep for a creek- at least waist high. We scaled the side of the bank- which was not too easy for the three of us in flip flops and with my ankle- which still isn't completely healed since spraining it in Nashville. Anyways Kim made it all the way down-waist deep in water searching for the keys with a stick. After several desperate minutes and 4 people searching from 4 angles, Kim spotted them and managed to get them with a long stick. It was quite the adventure.
Tonight's quote of the night comes from this adventure.
"Go ahead Kim! In Narnia the water was probably dirty too!"

My little buddy, Sterfry

Bethany said I got mad cause she needed to put up pictures...which is a bit on the dramatic side but I did want her to put some up(you know how the oldest kids are- so dramatic. Glad I'm a legit even-headed middle child). So here he is!
Isn't he the most precious little boy you've ever seen??? He's getting sooo big! I love this kid!
He now is walking and talking a lot more. He still calls me "hah, hah, hah" :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Long Insecurity

To spice up my blog- which is in the lacking, here's "Sundays with Bethany."

"First of all if you are looking for cute Sterling pics this is not your post. BUT I would encourage you to stick around.

I just got back from Woodstock, GA. The girls in my Monday night small group loaded up one of the girls' minivan and headed down to Georgia Friday night to be up and at 'em early this morning to see Beth Moore. She was doing a live simulcast to 400 something locations, with 300,000 women tuning in.

We stayed up late last night, were up at the crack of dawn this morning, and drove a lot of hours, we talked, we laughed, and even patted some damp eyes. Needless to say, like James Spann right now, I would love to be going to bed, but I must process. (He is having a hard time tonight, he must have been on the air all day here).

Sidenote - I must add that typing with painted fingernails is much more fun than typing with Plain Jane ones. I don’t normally paint my nails because I hate when they start chipping after about a day, but this polish is lasting a while. I am really enjoying my dark purple fingers dancing across the keyboard. (I made fun of my very stylish sister for painting her nails black, and like so many things you say you will never do, I am now convinced that it is cute.)

Back to Beth. I have to admit, I have not always been her biggest fan. I tend to shy away from what is "popular" in Christian circles today. And let’s be honest, Beth Moore fans can be a bit obsessed. However, I am learning why. I have done some of her studies in the past and even read part of one of her books, but none of that compares to listen to her darlin' voice and seeing her incredible passion for the word. Since I have been here, the girls in our small group have done a couple of her studies along with the videos. And I must say actually hearing and seeing her, I understand why everyone loves her! I mean I don't agree with every single thing she says theologically, but you have to admit she knows WHAT she believes and WHY she believes it. I covet her passion for studying and memorizing the scripture, and as any good Texan girl would say "She LUVS her some Jesus!"

Back to the day at hand. The topic for today was "So Long Insecurity." She also has a book that I just ordered by the same name. I love the subtitle "you've been a bad friend to us." How true! We hold onto our insecurities as if they were our dear friends.

What a topic for women! And might I mention again that 300,000 women studied this along with us today. That is the size of Tampa, FL (or at least according to the last census).

It is so amazing how the Lord works! I am so glad that He is completely sovereign over all creation!! Because I have to tell you that if you asked me what we were going to hear Beth Moore speak about I probably wouldn't have known. It was going to be a fun weekend away with the girls. We were going to hear Beth speak and as He always does, the Lord would show up. But I had NO expectations about this weekend.

Providentially, the past week or two, the Lord has really been showing me the areas of my life in which I find my security. Honestly, if you asked me on most days I would say that I was a pretty secure person. But how much of that security is being sucked from those around me? Do I have to answer that question?

Beth used a great illustration today of us walking around with an empty cup asking those around us to fill it. How many times to I go to my husband and try to get him to fill that cup up? It's not that I haven't always known that he can't. Believe me I do! I know, and have been taught since I was young, that no person or thing can fill you. Nothing can make me full but Christ. But as she reminded us today from our text, Ephesians 4, we have to "Remember what you were taught.” This week Christ put my men in their right place, I pray that they will stay there. What a great lesson going into today.

What if as women we no longer listened to the world? What if we really did find ALL our security in Christ?
Not being able to fit into by pre-pregnancy clothes? In CHRIST
Not in the way my house looks? In CHRIST
Not in finding something cute to wear? In CHRIST
Not in my husband? In CHRIST
Not in my son? In CHRIST
Not in the idea of having more children? In CHRIST
Not in the idea of being the best mom? In CHRIST
Not in the thought of raising godly children for the kingdom? In CHRIST

Beth continued to challenge us today to not only find our security in Christ for ourselves but for those women we come in contact with. To say that Beth was shocked by the number of women tuning in was an understatement. But we were moved to tears to think of the impact of 300,000 Christian women finding security in Christ alone. It isn’t a suggestion by Beth Moore to make us “feel good” (she’s not into that anyway) but a command from our Savior.

I loved that she challenged us to do it for our daughters if not for ourselves. I don’t have a daughter, maybe one day. But in that moment I thought of my dear Sterling’s future wife (if that is the Lord’s will). What will our relationship look like one day if I look only to Christ for my security, not my son? What if I don’t thrust my insecurities as a mother on her young shoulders? What if she keeps a better house than me, cooks better than me, has better taste than me, has children that are more well-behaved than mine were, loves Jesus more than mine did at their age, has the affection and respect of my son more than me? Then I will REJOICE; she is far more precious than jewels!! (I am getting weepy all over.)

Then I thought of my spiritual daughters. The Lord has entrusted some precious girls into my care. (I bought Beth’s book for them after all.) I began to think of how to communicate these truths to them now while they are living daily in an environment that breeds insecurity like kudzu – high school and even worse jr. high! Lord help them! (I sound like BM, ooh those aren’t the best initials) I know it is up to Him to produce fruit in their hearts, but I don’t want them to have the excuse that they can’t “remember what you were taught”

Women, we MUST break up with insecurity; it has been a bad friend to us!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Live blog during Lost




What is this powerpoint about Hugo? Is it business related or a funeral? Is it Miles' dad? 
Whew business. PALEONTOLOGY. Miles' dad. Wonder if Charlotte is there. 
Aw everone loves Hurley.
He has cool dinosuar trophy.
Mom looks unhappy. Mom tries to get Hurley to date. Moms are all the same. (not Vicki :D)
Mom sets up with Rosalita

Hurley puts flower on Libs grave and talks to her. 
She doesn't talk back. Aw Hurley :(
He tells her he can speak to dead people- he wishes she talked to him. 
Illana interrupts. Gosh Illana.
They're going to get dynamite. Hurley says...great... :-/
He reminisces with Illana
he hears voices 
Hugo's not happy. Everyone loves Hugo but Hugo doesn't love everyone
Michael says  hes here to stop them from killing everyone


COMMERCIAL. ipad- not as cool as the hp version- just saying. 
I love dvr.
 Is Michael or whatever on Unlocke's side. If Jacob said to do it that's probably the way to go.

Michael and Hurley stare down 
Jack comes up. Casually asks What dead person you talking to?
Hugo lies.
Jack doesn't care.


Hurley has been stood up by Rosalita but Libby comes up. 
ah Libby.
He thinks she's Rosalita. "You're pretty."
Such a gentleman.
He figures it out. This isnt his blind date
She saw him from across the room and recognizees.
She says he's her soul mate.
Libby's crazy?
Hugo's shocked
Hugo leaves and sees Libs leave. 


Illana got the dynamite
Hugo steps in "that's not a good idea...that's unstable"
Illana needs to be careful.
Illana yells.
Illana has to protect
Illana slams down bag
Illana BLOWS UP.

told you.

Skate are mad that Unlocke isnt getting Jin back. 
Unlocke is creepy.
Unlocke says they're waiting for their friends, that's the only way they're getting off the island- together.
Sayid comes back wants to talk to Unlocke alone
That's never good.
Bet Des is nearby.
Desmond is tied to a tree.


Richard wants to get more dynomite.
Hugo looks through stuff. Finds a book. Is it in another language?
He finds a something in a old bag.
Nikki and Paublo's diamonds?
Now hurley thinks Richard is right about going to get more dynomite. 
Jack is confused.
"I think you should trust me Jack."
oh yeah the diamonds are buried with them.

Hugo walks into a cluckity cluk and demands a box of family size
He gets it. 
He sees and yells at Des. Des is waiting in line. Is his number 42?
Hugo's depressed.
Des sits down. 
Yep Hugo's depressed.
He tells Des about Libby
She's crazy. 
Des: Did you believe her?
Hurley: yeah
Des: Go with your gut.
Hey maybe she was sane in another life brotha.
Des is number 42.

Des meets Unlocke
Des assures Locke he wont run brotha
and answers his questions

Why did Widdy bring you back?
ask him.
How do you know what he blasted you with?
Do you know who I am?
of course you're John Locke

Unlocke sends Sayid back and takes a walk with Des
Not smart Des.

Heads to Black Rock
Ben's being a creepy again...He's got that manipulating look on.
"The island was done with Illana. She blows up. What happens to us?" He wonders aloud.
Where's hugo?
Hugo runs out of Black Rock and it blows up.
Did he know a short cut?
He says he's protecting it.

Happy Town looks not so happy

Richard freaks out
Miles walks up.
Miles: why? 
Hurley: Michael told me to: No blowing up
Miles: who is Michael?
Hurley: One of the dead peaple who comes back to yell at him
Miles: And you just do what they say?
Hurley: Uh Yeah


Hurley tries to see Libby
She has issues with reality and Doc thinks it's not a good idea
Hugo bribes him with 100 K for a narley rec room
Hugo waits for her in the room where he and Lenny(?) played checkers.
He says he doesnt remember but questions her
Wont make sense.
Try me. 
She saw a commercial with him and all these memories of another life hit her. 
Woah that's weird.
There was a plane crash and she was on an island. they knew each other and liked each other. 
Hmm...Charlie and Des experience without life threatening experience?
She thinks he's been here too- at the mental hospital
Hugo cant remember her. 
She's crazy, but she's got guys
She's here voluntarlily 
Hugo asks her on a date
She'd love to. 

Unlocke and Des take a hike- literally.
Unlocke sees a little boy and Des can see him.
Is it him? Is it Jacob? Will we find out? not now. Unlocke wont tell.

Richard asks if there are explosives in dharmaville
Ben says yeah 
Hurley says no- dont go. Jacob says not to. Hurley lied. 
They split.
Ben and Miles follow Richard.
Jack, Sun and Lapidus follow Hurley
Really Jack?
They split up
Hurley's the leader now- they're going to talk to Unlocke


Sun who still can't speak English writes "did we make a mistake?" Lapidus thinks maybe. 
Hurley admits to Jack he didnt see Jacob he just wants them to come with him.
Jack knows.- Did ya Jack?
He has always wanted to fix it and he cant ever...maybe he's supposed to let go.
Hurley throws in "unless that gets us killed." 
Sun and Lapedis catch up
Conversation ends

Light Bulb.
Hurley knows what they are?!
He goes off by himself for a second. 
Ah-ha! There's Michael.
The whispers are the ones who cant move on- like Michael. who are stuck cause of what he did.
What about undead Walt in season 2ish?
Michael apologizes. aw how presh.

Hugo and Libby date. on a beach. with a picnic. 
It seems familiar- like a date they've never had.
Hugo has some self image problems. 
They kiss.
Hurley flashes and remembers the island
He doesnt decides she isn't crazy.
Desmond watches like a creeper but he's not one.


Unlocke and Desmond arrive somewhere.
at the well.
He'll push you in Des, dont get too close!
UL: How old's the well?
D: Old.
UL: ya think? yeah. dug it by hand
D: must have been thirsty
UL: just looking for answers. 
Unlocke says Widdy's after power. I dont think I believe him. Why? he's made of lies.
D: That's why you brought me here?
Me: no. he's going to push you in.
UL: why aren't you afraid
dL what's the point in being afraid. 
Unlocke pushes him in. 
told you Des.

Unlocke goes back. 
Tells sayid they dont have to worry about him anymoree. 
Skate wants to know where he's been
Hurley walks out of the jungle. 
Saywer catch phrase
Hurley confronts Unlocke. 
He says we've got weapons you've got weapons, I dont want anyone getting hurt. 
Unlocke promises. 
Dont trust him.
Kate looks for jack.
Kate sees jack.
Kate smiles.
Kate dies.
Man. nevermind.
Kate smiles.

Des watches real John Locke in wheelchair at his school. 
Ben confronts Des, why are you creepin?
Who is Ben to check on creepers?
Looking for a school for my kid- his name- Charlie
Ben leaves. 
Des looks mad- as in Mad Hatter mad- 
Des speeds up.
Des slow down!
Des there's Locke
Des sees Locke
Des looks even more Mad Hatter Mad
Des runs over Locke.
Des flees the scene
bad robot.

new promo: willy wonka style
at least Des is alive in the well.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Today I was walking down the mundane, gray, boring halls at school and found myself feeling down. It's been a pretty good day and there's no reason for this, it's just the depressing atmosphere that school has. Almost immediately I started thinking about IADT in comparison. I could see myself walking down the rich, deep yellow halls lined with creations of those I've come to know. Instead of hurrying past a small bit of color on the wall as I pass the "wall of nurses," I could see myself stopping and looking at the newest pictures from the photography students and admiring their beautiful creations. Instead of passing mundane class rooms that are dark and dreary I could see myself passing bright classrooms full of sewing machines or full of computers (mac daddy ones at that!) with huge windows to view the hall and outside. I walked outside and I thought to myself, "Self, today would be a Centennial Park day." After class I would drive the six miles to downtown and spend a good hour in the shade of tree studying people before work.
I am so thankful for my time in Tuscaloosa and so thankful for clear guidance to Nashville. I will miss several things about Tuscaloosa- the people mainly- but I cant help but feel that anticipation and excitement that sets in right before something big happens that you've been looking forward to for a long time. With that said...
Only 30 days until the move home, then onto Nashville! Only 85 until I walk the halls of the International Academy of Design and Technology! Praise the Lord, He changed my heart and has laid before me a dream in the wonderful city of Nashville!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

Quote of the Day:

I love Pride and Prejudice and as it was on today here's your quote:

"As it is I wouldn't dance with him for all of Darbyshire, let alone the miserable half."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just a Short Thought

I dont usually like to try new music out. I dont like listening to songs I dont know. However there are three artists that I am very glad someone made me listen to. They are three of my favorite artists. Who are these three artists? Joshua Raiden, Owl City and Jack Johnson. I LOVE them. If fact I'm going to listen to them right now before I go to sleep. Go check them out!

Owl City's 'Vanilla Twilight'

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One of my friends had the following quote as her status today. I thought it was funny so I thought I'd share...

 "God made Saturn. He liked it so He put a ring on it." 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rejoice Friend!

"Blessed be the LORD, who has not left you this day without a Redeemer!" ~ Ruth 4:14

Not too long ago my grandfather and great uncle turned 80. My family went down to Lake Santa Fe to celebrate with them. I'm not sure why but the first night we were in Florida we had to stay at one of our relative's old house. We have never gone and not stayed at the lake but for some reason we had to that night. Anyways, we get out to this house and it is literally in the middle of the woods. It wouldn't have been a big deal but we didnt reach the house until after a couple of wrong turns (down one way dirt roads surrounded by woods) and several jokes about how this always happens before someone dies in a scary movie. I remember going there once as a child and thinking how cool the house was, however that was before we had been lost in the dark and before I had seen quite a few scary movies. 

You know the houses that are in scary movies- they're modeled after this house. Not only is it a little house in the middle of the woods, but in the living room there are huge glass doors that cover one wall and that's right- they look out into the woods. It had the air of being uninhabited as it hadnt been lived in, for quite some time. I dont always sleep well in new places anyways, and needless to say I didnt sleep at all that night. I dont know if you've ever stayed or lived in a house in the middle of the woods but night is dark and it is quiet. There is no light from the moon and stars pouring in your window, and there are no sounds of late night cars outside. This was how that night was. Then on top of this, there is a little bit of fear mixed in. This fear is thanks to all the scary movies that you watched as a stupid teenager which you haven't thought about since you watched them, but of course, now, it's hard to think about much else. With the three of these things combined it's hard to describe the anticipation of dawn. 

But then, there is the sigh of relief and a sort of joy when the first light finally trickles into your room. You've been waiting now for about five hours for this moment. You realize how stupid all those movies are and how stupid it was that you couldn't sleep. I don't know if you've ever That morning I was relieved when the light finally came in and I could not have been more ready to be back at Santa Fe. 

That night was a dark night, with fear mingled in, but it had nothing compared to 2000 years ago. While I thought those five hours dragged on, I'm sure it was nothing compared to the time in between Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection. Those were the world's darkest moments as the world held its breath waiting to see if the Messiah had actually been slain. However, though those moments were dark, the morning did come and with it came forth the Hope of the nations. 

Today as you gather with your families to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, praise the Lord that He took on night to give us day. Rejoice friend, He has not left you this day without a Redeemer!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chuck: The Puking Easta BUNny.

Every year we go over to my brother-in-law's family's house for Easter. They live right across town and we have been doing it way before Bethany and Alex were the Vaughns. Alex has two older brothers. Each brother is married and each brother has two kids. They usually come too. The afternoon begins with pictures. This takes FOREVER usually because we have to get The Vaughns all together, the Dale Vaughns, the Max Vaughns and the Alex Vaughns. Then we have the Winters (color coordinated of course), the grandparents with Sterling, each aunt (Tori, Meghan and myself) with Sterling, and usually a girls picture. We have learned to do it fast because the quicker we are, the quicker we can eat. Then comes our Easter meal. The meal is good, but the best part of the meal is Chuck. Chuck is Jane's creamer. Jane, Alex's mom, goes all out in decorating for holidays. Every Easter she brings out her Easter creamer. It's a bunny and the milk comes out from, you guessed it, his mouth. So every year Chuck the bunny pukes milk into our coffee. It's become a favored tradition....right up there with the Golden Candle ;)

Meet Chuck:

Oh yes, I forgot...Chuck has developed quite a following here in Sylacauga. Around Easter every year people, even people who dont eat with us, put him up as their profile picture on facebook. This year he even has his own fan page. 

Funny but a little sad

I just thought I'd share a quick story. Monday I as at Barnes and Noble. A guy and girl who looked like they were in high school walked up to the Twilight table and picked a book. The guy looked up at the girl and said, "Wuthering Heights, isn't this the last book in the Twilight series." I know what your thinking. He did NOT just ask that! He did. However, the girl clarified for him. She said, "No, the last Twilight book is Breaking Dawn. Wuthering Heights is one of those old books, it's like a classic or something." What is the world coming to???

Although this is a little sad and a little funny, they aren't entirely at fault. They should know that Wuthering Heights is in fact classic literature and the author's name on it was Emily Bronte instead of Stephanie Meyer. However, it was on the Twilight table and someone has decided to capitalize on the success of Twilight. For those who haven't ever seen a Twilight book, here are the covers of each book in the series:

and here is how someone has decided to resale Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet:

Now if you know me, you know I like Twilight as much as the next person, but Pride and Prejudice doesn't need Twilight. It can stand on it's own two feet, thank you.