Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July: Nashville Style

As I've said before, Tori left yesterday to go down with my ENTIRE family to Lake Santa Fe. I'm incredibly sad I'm not there with them and I hate that this happened to be the one week I couldn't go...well of all past weeks. Let's just say as soon as I get my two week break in September I think I'll be heading down to the lake. I'm also sad that I missed out on July 4th at the Lake because I dont remember being at Lake Santa Fe for one single 4th of July. However, if I had to miss the 4th at the Lake, I'm glad I'm in Nashville. 

While we've been here, we've kind of stayed away from festivals downtown because of the fight to get there. Between traffic, floods of people, and the heat it's not always worth it. Nashville is all about some festivals and as the 4th fell on a Sunday this year, Nashville took full advantage of that offering free entertainment all weekend. It's not like Taylor Swift or Paramore performed so again we stayed away from downtown knowing it would be chaotic. It's not that we dont want to experience the awesomeness that is Nashville, it's just too hot to right now and we dont listen really listen to a lot of country. Anywho, Meghan discovered that they were having a firework show at the Riverfront Park, close to the Titian's stadium, accompanied by the Nashville Symphony yesterday and this was too cliche and too good to pass up. So we got ready and headed downtown. When we hit our exit we were across the interstate, on the other side of the Stadium, and the other side of the river from the park, yet we were already in bumper to bumper traffic. It was one of those exits with a little meadow in between the interstate and the off ramp. Well about three cars ahead of us this car just pulls into the grass facing the stadium and parks it there. The next three follow suit and we decided too as well. Within ten minutes there were at least 30 cars in the median. By the time the fireworks were done there had to be over 50. At this point cars were pulling straight off the highway into the median. 

The show was one of best I've ever seen. As Meghan said They definitely were keeping with our culture millions of dollars were definitely wasted on celebrating our independence but it did look good.  The experience was really cool. Everyone hanging out in the median watching the fireworks, and listening to the Nashville Symphony on people radio, we had a font row seat to the glorious explosions. I must admit it was pretty cool. Here are some pictures:

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