Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scripting and Storyboarding: Friday

                Yesterday was Scriptwriting and Storyboarding. This is BY FAR my favorite class I’ve ever had- no exaggeration. My teacher is VERY laid back and VERY sarcastic. He’s hilarious. I not only took notes in class but took notes what he said. Here are some of the funnier things though I’m not sure if it will translate through words as well as it would if I was telling you. Also some may not be funny out of context of the class but I still thought they were.

Every time there’s a silence he fills it by singing “Hot Pocket.” He also will say something quite like, “What time is it?” or figuring out what to go to next and he’ll say “What is he whispering about…should we be taking notes…it sounds like he’s talking to yourself. ”

Then we were talking about the format for writing Screenplays. He was telling us that the dialogue is always centered under the characters name and in explaining why he said, “Why is the dialogue indented? Because actors are the stupidest people out there…..well except for Dell Tech Support.”

Someone asked, “What about ‘CUT TO’ do we put that after you put to fade out of a scene? ” He responded, “Well let me just tell you- if you write ‘CUT TO’ you’re being a jerk and telling the editor how to do his job. You want to be friends with them.”
Explaining Aesop’s Fables he said, “You know ‘Tortuous and the Hare?’ ‘Slow and steady wins the race?’” pause. “Not true.”

He asked us how many of us liked powerpoint. Half the class raised their hands. “You’re all crazy…looney toons. Powerpoint sucks.” I agree with him.

And at the end of class we watched a documentary on editing- pretty cool- and they had montages all throughout it and that scene from Titanic came on…you know the one where Rose lets go of Jack and he sinks down. He goes, “Ahhhhh!.....Oh…sorry.” It was HILARIOUS. Anyways, I got an email from my Design Fundamental teacher and since we missed school Monday we are behind and I have to read 6 chapters to get caught up. Check you guys later! 

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