Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just a quick little update. 

Tori left this morning to meet up with Bethany, Alex and Stertle to head down to the lake and meet up with not only the rest of my family, but from what I understand, the Gordon family (plus Cindy) as well. I may be just a little bit jealous because this little piece of heaven:

is my favorite place on earth.. However, next week is definitely one I'm looking forward to! At least the reason I can't go is a good one. I start school on Tuesday! I got my books this past Thursday. My Design Fundamentals and Storyboarding books are very interesting and I found myself being slightly Hermionesc as I looked through and read parts of them. I'm not quite that good though as I didn't read all three of my books cover to cover. ;)
Along with my books- which were surprisingly cheaper here- I also go two "kits."
One, for Design Fund. like this:

It was filled with all kinds of art supplies. I also got a canvas bag full of artsy goodies. Everything from canvases and notebooks with different kinds of paper (paint, newspaper etc) to paints, colored pencils, smudgers, cutting boards, to scissors and different kinds of glue. I am SUPER excited. However, even though all of this art stuff is fun the class I'm most excited about is Storyboarding. My schedule is pretty good. My least favorite class is on Tuesday- it's one of those core classes. And my two favorites are on Friday and Monday- which are two days you don't want to be in school. So that works out nicely. So that's an update on the school front. 

As far as Nashville goes I'm still completely in love with the city. When I say it's so much fun living here, I don't mean that we're doing a lot of stuff yet I mean that it's literally just so much fun living here because Nashville is a fun place. I mean, who would want to live in a place where you could pass Hotel Preston every day?! Anyways, check you guys later. If Meghan is feeling better later we're going to the Waterfront Park to watch fireworks while the Nashville Symphony plays...I guess we do stuff sometimes ;) later.

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