Saturday, July 10, 2010

Drawing 1: Thursday

On Thursday I had Drawing 1 and while it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be, I’m sure it will be hard. I can paint adequately and I can draw some, but I really struggle with portraits and still life pictures. The class was very entertaining though as I made some friends. There were 19 people in our class, 15 Interior Design students- who were at least in their 2nd quarter and 4 Digital Media and Animation students who were all 1st quarter students. When he asked what programs we were from we discovered that as well as the fact that we had completely segregated ourselves. All of the Interior Design students sat on either side of the class room facing the middle and the 4 of us sat in the four desks connecting the two sides. John, Jay and Denis were the other DMA students and the three of them kept me quite entertained and as it turns out I have more than one class with each. I have Storyboarding- which was Friday- with Denis and Jay and I have Design Fundamentals with John on Monday.
                You can generally tell who belongs to what major if you pay attention. There are of course exceptions and I haven’t seen any photography students so the rule doesn’t apply to them. Audio Production students are generally the ones who look like rappers. Piercings, crazy hair, and baggy pants belong to this major. Fashion Design students look well fashionable...for the most part. Interior Design and DMA generally look normal, but it’s the conversation that sets them apart. If you’re standing around a group of students and they’re talking about normal things and they aren’t DMA students.
                With that being said, I’m sure the Interior Design students thought we were losers but to each his own I guess. We were talking I quickly discovered they are WAY into anime and manga. At one point they tried to explain the concept of Yugio and Pokemon games- which I just don’t get. Well the only thing I know about Yugio or Pokemon is from Jameson’s younger years. I had at least heard about it so I could almost follow what they were saying. I told them I thought both of them were old and not really around anymore and John informed me that there is actually a Yugio tournament downtown but it is invite only and either it costs 10000 dollars to get in or you win that much….maybe I should pick up Yugio…just kidding. This conversation also included topics of World of Warcraft, Halo and other games. After a little while I hear, “Jar Jar Binks is too cool!” “No he isn’t. NO ONE likes Jar Jar Binks…he’s the downfall of the Jedi.” Since I can somewhat follow a Star Wars convo (I haven’t seen them in forever) I chime in on Denis’ side, “I like Jar Jar Binks.” John then explained why Jar Jar is stupid. Then Jay decides to chip in. “Anakin is the best Jedi! He’s so cool.” The three of us look at him like he’s insane and John follows up with, “Have you ever even seen Star Wars??” Anyways, they were quite entertaining and I’m glad I’m meeting people in my major. I’ve never met so many people in one term. Fun times.

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